Monday, January 14, 2008


I took a tumble on the ice yesterday. The immediate sense of fear for Baby was an intense experience - not a thought of "Am I ok?" - just - "Is Baby ok?". The same look of fear & concern was mirrored in Rob's face. A taste, I guess, of the worry that we will experience day after day as parents. Thankfully, no signs of early labor, and Baby is still moving around just fine.

In the mean time, I did pull a muscle, and am pretty close to immobile until it starts getting better. Patience...patience...

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Liz said...

So glad Baby is OK - that womb is one super baby protector! I wish you were just as unscathed. Be sure to take it easy, if you can.

I took a nasty trip/turn o' the ankle walking home in my Danskos when I was about 8.5 months pregnant. I think that's the day Theo settled right down in my pelvis.

You are getting so close!!! Someday soon you'll get to enjoy being home with a baby AND a husband who both have an intestinal virus (yup, that's me today).

My prescription for you: 1. Sit on couch. 2. Have boy pop you some corn. 3. Sit back with feet on Boy's lap. 4. Enjoy a movie and foot rub at the same time. 5. Drift off to sleep...