Saturday, June 21, 2008

Art project

We tried baby girl in the backpack. She likes it, but her head is still a bit too wobbly for any treks in the woods. We're guessing another couple of weeks at most. It will be a relief - the Bjorn is not comfortable for more than about a mile!

Why is it not comfortable? Because our daughter is a giantess! 15lbs. at 4 months, and 27 inches. Off the charts in length, but "a nice, lean, breastfed baby - very healthy". And heavy.

We're especially proud of our latest art project...

We plan to add more colors, and to do a run going up a wall and across the ceiling. Not sure how the logistics of that will work, since it's a wiggly process that requires the full attention of 2 people, and the more-or-less cooperation of a small 3rd person. Still, it's entertaining.

By the way - this is in Baby Girl's room. I think we'll have to do some in our room as well, since she will undoubtedly want to paint over them or wash them off some day. Her mother, on the other hand, is going to want to treasure them forever, and will occasionally look at them and get all teary-eyed when Baby Girl is a rebellious, difficult teenager.

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