Friday, August 29, 2008

New in her world...

The other day, R had Baby Girl on a blanket on the living room floor. He was running around washing up, feeding the dogs, etc. She had plenty of toys to play with. When he came back in, she had flipped herself onto her belly (she HATES being on her belly!), and was pulling herself, hand-over-hand up the vacuum cleaner cord towards the outlet.

She's sitting. In that drunken-baby sort of way, where she happily tips over and then smiles up at me, blinking.

Loves being outside. Lots of bug-bites.

Loves people. Very social.

Top teeth working on coming in, but taking their sweet time...they've been just below the surface for weeks. I'm starting to wonder if all 4 top incisors will come through at once?

Baby Girl has, for the most part, been an absolute JOY - full of laughter, smiles, giggles. She plays with everything!

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