Monday, November 3, 2008


Happy birthday, of sorts! Little R has now been in the outside world longer than she gestated inside me...

We realized that R would be crawling if we had rugs in the house. Wood floors make friction difficult, and friction is critical for crawling. She gets up on her hands & knees, and then her little knees slide backwards until she's on her belly again. However, this is not preventing mobility. She is all over the place, all day long. She just had a little screaming fit because Dad would not let her push the button on the plug-in CO sensor. It would have made a loud, horrid noise that might have discouraged her from ever doing it again, but it might also have damaged her tender eardrums.

2 more teeth working their way through, and not painlessly. This will bring her grand total to 8. She may not be precocious in anything else, but my o' my is she very adept at growing teeth!

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